E-Action was named from the meaning of E-Generation, contains element among electrics, energy, environmental. Our core value is to convert energy saving and environmental care into company mobility.  

Since established, we share our experience in innovation material, quality maintenance and optical material with our clients. We insist every single output of light source should be entirely and perfectly used, every brightness spot from LED should bring the best result and achieve cost effective. We hope to achieve the purpose of energy saving and reduce carbon. We continuingly develop new products and shape our technology. We hope under the circumstance of global environmental changed today, our products and technologies can make energy more properly used. For a better result we can reach our goal to provide human being a better and health living environment and to upgrade our life quality. E-action is a people oriented, home planet company.



We are the expert on lighting solution. Our products can make your lighting design outstanding, bright but not dazzling, gentle and soft but not losing focus and also to make lighting shadow interaction more lively and natural. No matter outdoor lighting or delicate design on the indoor, E-action can provide you best service.